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Are you expecting, or soon to be expecting? Congrats!

Like so many other women you must have a lot of question regarding food and exercise during pregnancy--what to eat, how much, what vitamins to take, what foods to avoid, what exercises are safe to continue, and more.

Don’t worry together we will discover whole, nutritious foods to nourish YOU and YOUR BABY.

We will figure out what vitamins and supplements you need more of as your growing baby is now taking the nutrients from you. We will talk about workout programs that work for you and is safe for your baby. If you're post baby, we'll talk about ways to develop healthy habits without dieting and find a workout program that is fun and something that doesn't seem like work.

What you get:

  1. Initial Nutritional Assessment
  2. 6 One on One Sessions
  3. Personalized support during the whole program
  4. Weekly Goals
  5. Personalized Diet Plan
  6. Pregnancy Healthy Recipes

single session $65dls
complete program $350dls

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